Move into the future 3x more relaxed.
On-site check – get the best out of it.

We’ll come to you. We make sure that your Herrmann system is still working reliably and delivering perfect weld results. This includes a technical check of the weld system, analysis and optimization of the application change, and of course the weld process itself. We advise you which measures will lead to measurable improvements.

Herrmann Engineering offers you a wide range of services. Besides start-up, the Herrmann service team will continue to support you reliably afterwards with regular maintenance checks and individual  on-site consulting.

In addition to our service contract models, the "3x more relaxed" checks ensure a reliable process sequence, higher availability, and increased efficiency. We check and analyze your application change or weld process directly and easily on site and put your weld system through a fitness check. Our experienced service technicians provide tips that can be implemented straight away and inform you about trends, material developments, and possibilities to make your system strong for the future.








Test the fitness.
Minimize down times – ensure availability.

Herrmann’s ultrasonic experts check the technical condition of your ultrasonic welding machine or weld system on site.


What condition is your system in at the moment?
What can be optimized in the system?
Which concrete steps lead to less down time?


After an exact analysis of the situation you will receive a clear and detailed report. Clear recommendations for action and suggestions for improvement are agreed with you in a personal consultation. As a result, we help you maximize the weld system’s availability.





Optimize change.
Save time – change applications more easily.

We increase the efficiency of your set-up processes and make it easier to adjust the alignment when changing components. This saves you time and makes it easier to change your applications.

In addition to an initial assessment of the situation under production conditions, we will observe your replacement process very closely.


How is the change concept implemented live?
What distances have to be covered?
Which retrofit parts could facilitate the process?


Our service specialists will not leave you to cope on your own, but will help you with strategic suggestions. In most cases, tangible success can be achieved by simple changes and measures. In addition, tailor-made training makes your employees more efficient and experienced in daily application.







Keep an overview.
Collect process data – optimize more strategically.

We collect your process data. Our experts continuously collect the weld process data and analyze it so we can ensure the quality of your output and highlight concrete potential for optimization. Transparent and reliable.

With the experience of our Herrmann experts, you can optimize your process at the really relevant points. This requires reliable data that can be recorded, collected and analyzed.


Which weld process data are relevant to optimize your process?
How secure is your data?
How do you want to further process your process and weld graph data?


With the DataRecorder G3 you record all weld process data you need. All data from up to 16 ULTRA-X generation generators are recorded in full. This makes it easier to compare and analyze the various parameters. Our ultrasonic experts help you draw the right conclusions and optimize your process analysis.