Ultrasonic sealing – we make your packaging more sustainable

Our genius minds support you in achieving your sustainability goals. Take advantage of our sealing technology for resource-saving and recyclable packaging. We are your partner – with Herrmann Engineering you can realize your Green Packaging.


In our high-tech laboratories, we research optimal sealing solutions for mono-materials, paper-based materials and biodegradable packaging.
By using our ultrasonic sealing technology, your product becomes sustainable: Reduction of packaging material, zero food waste during packaging and longer shelf life of the food. Our resource-saving sealing process enables inline quality control and guarantees a high degree of process reliability. Reliable sealing even in case of contamination in the seal area and detection of poorly sealed pouches during ongoing production.
Rely on an ingenious sealing process and reduce your energy costs by up to 75%. For sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.



Our environmentally friendly ultrasonic welding technology makes a significant contribution to the implementation of circular economy.
Together with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions to ensure high-quality welding of recyclable and bio-compostable plastics.


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21 April 3 - 4:30 pm

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  • Flexible Packaging
  • Reduction of packaging material
  • Zero food waste
  • Monomaterials and paper-based materials
  • Energy savings up to 75 %
  • 100 % leak-proof

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Perfect Product. Zipper seal modul.

05 May 3 - 4:30 pm

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The efficient solution for packaging with zippers.

The ZSM continuous sealing technology impresses with the use of conventional packaging materials and also mono-materials. In spite of varying speeds, a high level of production performance and process stability is achieved.

  • 100 % process stability

  • Easy integration

  • Green packaging

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Save 75% plastics

New sustainable paper-based packaging concepts together with the packaging service provider Verdesoft.

Enabling Sustainability

Mono-materials and paper composites for packaging are increasingly in demand and the number of inquiries regarding new recyclable materials is increasing at the ultrasonic laboratory of Herrmann Ultraschall.


The ultrasonic technology can provide good sealing results with monomaterials, even with narrow process limits, especially in terms of tightness and appearance.

“Single serve” innovations

Thomas Schmid from STIR magazine has summarized all the important results and innovations, from the recycling of the aluminum capsule to the "Coffee Sphere" and the advantages of ultrasonic welding for coffee pods.