You cannot perform ultrasonic sealing without qualified consulting and individual customer care. What is behind Herrmann Engineering and how is a project implemented? Our employees understand our customers, find solutions, and make things possible and are at your side every step of the way.

We see ourselves as your technology partner and solution specialist with the aim of increasing the economic efficiency and quality of your application. For sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.


As ultrasonic experts, we are there to help you from the beginning as your partner. And at eye level. With our knowledge, we have already completed thousands of applications. You can be sure that we are the most experienced. We strive for robust and reliable solutions that meet the highest quality requirements. Optimize your manufacturing process with faster processes, less down time, savings on consumables, lower energy consumption, and a reduction of rejects.



I see ingenious application consulting as a change in perspective as well – which solution  guarantees an economically efficient manufacturing process for the customer.

We are customer-whisperer. Our promise: Competent and fair consulting.


Each day, in 41 high tech laboratories worldwide, we find individual application solutions. And this all occurs right where you are. Our excellent application consulting picks up every point of your project. In doing so, we believe in long-term technology partnerships.


With us, you have a partner for complex customer requirements at your side.
From the first idea to the development of an application, right up to process optimization, we can work out the best possible ultrasonic solution with you, hand-in-hand. We know the right stages for an optimal weld process development: Checking the ultrasonic weldability and producing prototypes in the ultrasonic laboratories, consulting on joint design, the technical concept formulation, TCO analyses, creating prototype tools, and hands-on training.



Each project is a new challenge. I never know at the beginning what’s going to happen.
It is ingenious when I have developed a process-safe solution together with the customer.



We offer a premium product range with the highest quality standards for implementing your packaging – Made in Germany. We stand for top seal results, optimal integration and durability of all machines and systems for an economical overall solution.


We create perfect packaging solutions with the help of our intelligent components and modules. Our ultrasonic sealing technology can be quickly and easily integrated into new packaging machines as well as retrofitted into existing systems.
The DNA of all our products are our ultrasonic generators. Fully digital, tey are designed for use in high-speed packaging machines – for short cycle times (80 to 200 ms) and continuous packaging applications.
Smart software functions allow detailed parameterization, quality assurance and reproducible control of the sealing process for 100% reliable seals.




Safe and tight seals are also achieved with product residues in the seal area because the mechanical ultrasonic vibrations literally "shake off" any residual product. This significantly reduces the number of leaking packages. Our goal: Zero Food Waste!


We guarantee a custom-made service concept in over 20 countries. For you, this means around the clock safety, reliability, and a quick on-site service in your local language.


More than 20 Tech-Centers and service support points worldwide guarantee excellent customer service just where you need us. Our service portfolio ranges from starting up and optimizing in production and after-sales support to extensive user training in our Herrmann Academy, right up to maintenance checks.
Our service technicians are on duty for you so that you do not have to deal with unnecessary machine downtime. Rely on our customized service package.



I travel the world for our customers. When the phone rings, I get my boots on. There isn’t a problem that we can’t solve.


Our genius minds support you in achieving your sustainability goals. Take advantage of our sealing technology for resource-saving and recyclable packaging. We are your partner – with Herrmann Engineering you can realize your Green Packaging.

>  Ingeniously sustainable





We are the perfect partner for developing your sustainable packaging - whether it is paper-based, monomaterial,  biodegradable or compostable.



Secure packaging seals

Ultrasonic welding systems have been successfully implemented to seal bags, blisters, pods, and cartons. Hermetically tight seams reduce the leaker rate while the ultrasonic cold tools are gentle on sensitive foods. Take a closer look at this alternative to heat sealing.

Ultrasonic welding of bio-based plastics

Ready for the age without oil? As of now there are few inquiries for the welding of recycled materials, ie plastics that already have been processed once or more before. The weldability must be determined empirically in the test laboratory.

Enabling Sustainability

Mono-materials and paper composites for packaging are increasingly in demand and the number of inquiries regarding new recyclable materials is increasing at the ultrasonic laboratory of Herrmann Ultraschall.