You cannot perform ultrasonic welding without qualified consulting and individual customer care. What is behind Herrmann Engineering and how is a project implemented? Our employees understand our customers, find solutions, and make things possible and are at your side every step of the way.

We see ourselves as your technology partner and solution specialist with the aim of increasing the economic efficiency and quality of your application. For sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.


As ultrasonic experts, we are there to help you from the beginning as your partner. And at eye level. With our knowledge, we have already completed thousands of applications. You can be sure that we are the best. We strive for robust and reliable solutions that meet the highest quality requirements. Optimize your manufacturing process with faster processes, less down time, a saving on consumables, lower energy consumption, and a reduction of rejects.


I see ingenious application consulting as a change in perspective as well – what is the solution which guarantees the customer an economically efficient manufacturing process. We are people who #understand customers. Our promise to our costumers: Competent and fair consulting.


Each day, in 41 high-tech laboratories worldwide, we find individual application solutions. And this all occurs right where you are. Our excellent application consulting picks up every point of your project.


With us, you have a partner for complex customer requirements at your side.
From the first idea to the development of an application, right up to process optimization, we can work out the best possible ultrasonic solution with you, hand-in-hand. We know the right stages for an optimal weld process development: Checking the ultrasonic weldability and producing prototypes in ultrasonic laboratories, consulting on joint design, the technical concept formulation, TCO analyses, creating prototype tools, and hands-on training.




I make sure that we adhere to the quality and scheduling of the project management – I give my all every day for this! I bring everything together.


We offer a premium product range with the highest quality standards for implementing your application –Made in Germany. We stand for top weld results, optimal integration and durability of all machines and systems.


We offer the largest and most versatile building blocks of systems and components in the industry. We support and create the ideal conditions for simple integration into the existing machine environment and equip all our ultrasonic welding machines with intelligent controller software.
A combination of pioneering, functional design, innovative technology, first-class ultrasonic tools, and brilliant controller software ensure repeatable and first-class weld results.
We are ready for the digitized production of the future.


Ingeniously reliable

Our ultrasonic bonding systems make your process more transparent. Graphic visualization and continuously adaptable bonding parameters in real time ensure optimum process control. 


With our product portfolio we guarantee realization of complex applications with user-friendly, easy handling. Reliable weld results ensure consistent quality of your end products at production speeds of up to 800 m/min.
Time is money – the longevity of our products, fast tool and application changes, and minimum maintenance, as well as immediate readiness for production, maximize your output.
Consulting on all aspects and reliable service 24/7 – we are your partner for comprehensive solutions.






How can we guarantee process safety? That’s easy – through our Herrmann Engineering. We, as ultrasonic experts, are by your side every step of the way. We provide the highest level of control. That’s what distinguishes us from the rest.


Our products have to perform highest welding quality – reliable and reproducable. Great challenges are also the ability to integrate them into process optimization systems as well as the most intuitive user interaction possible. As a result, the sustainability and profitability of our customers using our products will continue to increase significantly – Industry 4.0!


We guarantee a custom-made service concept in over 20 countries. For you, this means around the clock safety, reliability, and a quick on-site service in your local language.


More than 20 Tech-Centers and service support points worldwide guarantee excellent customer service just where you need us. Our service portfolio ranges from starting up and optimizing in production and after-sales support to extensive user training courses in our Herrmann Academy, right up to maintenance checks.
Our service technicians are on their way to you so that you do not have to deal with unnecessary machine downtime.




I travel all over the world for our customers. When the phone rings, I'm out the door, on my way.  There isn’t a problem that we can’t solve efficiently.


We support you in achieving your sustainability goals. With our technology you are able to realize your green products. We are your partner: Our research today – Your solution tomorrow.


Our genius minds know the materials for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. In our high-tech laboratories we do research and test optimum bonding solutions for compostable, recyclable, organically-based, and biodegradable nonwovens.
The use of ultrasonic bonding technology alone creates a more sustainable product: No chemicals, no glue and a reduced amount of thermoplastics within the material. Our joining process guarantees resource-saving production through high energy efficiency, minimum down times, and reduction of rejects.
We offer you a sustainable technology.




I love working with material developers; I’m constantly uncovering new trends and new challenges...  I dive deep into the tiny, gritty details, all for the sake of our customers. Using a scanning electron microscope, I examine the connections formed among fibers. This takes us a step ahead of the competition and enables us to develop optimum weld processes for the materials of tomorrow.




Joining of non-woven materials

Many applications in mechanical and installation engineering as well as in vehicle construction are increasingly requiring the utilisation of filters for the protection of the environment from pollutants and for the protection of the machines, installations and internal combustion engines from particles and foreign bodies.

Solution for elastic cuffs

By means of the ultrasonic process, multilayer absorbent bodies, e.g. a diaper, including the SAP granules (Super Absorbent Polymer) can be welded glue-free and in one single step. Now Herrmann Ultraschall offers an innovative process for elastic cuffs.

Ultrasonic bonding for ATB

The use of softness-enhancing Air-Through Bonded materials (ATB) is increasing – typical hygiene applications are acquisition distribution layers (ADL), waist panels, and top sheets. Ultrasonic welding can offer process related and environmental advantages over glue and heat bonding. The nonwovens laboratory at Herrmann Ultraschall provides high-tech support for application solutions when it comes to bonding ATB.