We are number 1 when it comes to ultrasonic welding with over five decades of ultrasonic know-how, the best ultrasonic welding machines and solutions for thousands of weld applications – Made in Germany. More than 520 brilliant minds in 4 headquarters, 23 Tech-Centers and 41 high tech laboratories guarantee a unique service worldwide.

We don’t just want to produce great machines which look great and have all sorts of fancy technical gimmicks.
Our motivation is finding ingenious user solutions – which we develop for and with you. Revolution instead of evolution: our drive is to constantly research, develop existing systems further, and give room to our ideas. We focus our organization consistently, not just on being good at offering our products and services, but on being ingenious. The belief in a meaningful and value-based work and cooperation inspires us to achieve top performance. You inspire us!


We don’t just weld materials together. We are your partner, and we understand your real needs. We make your success our success, that is our goal.

We are Herrmann. We research, we develop, we design. Whether in service, in assembly, or in the lab. Every one of us contributes to finding your ingenious solution.

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From the first idea to the development of an application right up to process optimization, we will work out the best possible solution with you, hand-in-hand. We are convinced that we have the right experts and a great ultrasonic solution for every application.

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Soft, smooth, fluffy – ultrasonic bonds and the feel is maintained

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